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Is it smart growth?
While there is no one-size fits all menu, smart growth developments, policies, and projects have features from this ever-growing checklist. 
Communication & Technology
Uses creative technology to promotes improved collaboration, understanding and connection          between and among stakeholders, information sources and resources.
Uses advanced digital technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or the                  Internet of Things (IoT) to improve performance and data analytics.

Diversity & Inclusivity
Promotes inclusive, diverse communities.

Has appropriate and high quality architectural and landscape design 
Uses green building techniques and sustainable materials
Is compact or higher density to reduce sprawl 

Uses and/or provides renewable energy and/or energy storage
Uses green building techniques and use of sustainable materials
Uses recycled water
Addresses sea level rise if on or very near the coast
Restores or protects riparian areas and wetlands
Incorporates natural stormwater management strategies
Remediates a Brownfield or environmentally compromised site

Historic Preservation
Rehabilitates or restores historic resources using the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and        celebrates the past in an appropriate manner that does not preclude future economic viability

Is in a priority development area, infill site, downtown or walking distance to downtown
Is located is within 1/2 mile of at least one transit stop
Is not in a priority conservation area
Respects the context of its location

Open Space
Includes open space uses
Restores or protects riparian areas and wetlands
Preserves trees, particularly heritage trees
Uses low water-use landscaping  
Connects to other open space resources

Placemaking & Complete Streets
Includes public gathering space(s) or plaza(s)
Includes community programming
Includes high quality public art
Designed with shops and buildings fronting the street
Designed for restaurants with outdoor space
Includes high quality street furniture and lighting
Designed so buildings are "transparent" and inviting at street level 
Has hidden parking structures
Incorporates bicycle-friendly design
Includes wide sidewalks

Transportation & Parking
Provides incentives to leave the car at home or not even use one
Located within 1/2-mile of transit or served by a shuttle system to transit or popular destinations
Incorporates bicycle-friendly design
Is ride-share-friendly
Includes electric vehicle charging stations
Includes a robust transportation demand management (TDM) plan
Uses more aggressive/lower parking ratios
Has unbundled parking options
Has a high mode split

Provides incentives to walk
Has housing densities that are 20 or more units per acre or infill
Incorporates pedestrian-friendly streets and crossings
Uses compact building block design
Uses a street grid that maximizes connections and intersections
Includes a trail system

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