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For Real estate developers and property owners

We help you navigate the entitlements process for smart growth projects
 For Businesses 

We help you launch and grow your business and communicate effectively internally and externally

For nonprofits & associations

We help you launch and grow your organization and implement fundraising and special campaigns
We specialize in development consulting for four lines of business: real estate, public policy, business, and nonprofit. 

Our clients include developers, property owners, agencies, institutions, startups, established businesses, associations, and nonprofits 

With a focus on smart growth, effective communication, and emerging technologies, we help you determine your vision, communicate your ideas, gain support and customers, and reach your goals.

Wondering if your organization or project is related to smart growth?  Go to our Smart Growth Checklist Tab
Jabba Development Strategies, LLC  | Redwood City, CA | Tel. (650) 207-9180  | www.jabbads.com
For cities, institutions, & agencies

We help you develop and implement policies and programs & engage the public
Strategic planning, communications, and engagement