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Building better communities through smart growth
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Real estate developers

We help you navigate the entitlements process 

We offer a full range of services for for all land use types and project sizes, including application preparation, communications, community outreach, public affairs, research, planning, and entitlements strategy.

Start-ups and businesses providing smart growth services or products

We help you launch and grow your business

We provide help launching your emerging smart growth-related business. We'll help you prepare your business plan and investor presentations, guide you in communications and strategy, and help with outreach to potential investors, partners and regulators in the smart growth industry.

Nonprofits & associations

We help you launch and grow

We help with establishing your organization in the smart growth industry and if you are up and running we help with fundraising, reporting, donor management, communications, outreach, marketing, campaigns, and special event management.
What is Smart Growth?

Smart growth is a holistic and technology-based approach to the economic, physical, emotional and environmental health of communities. Through new age design, materials, policies, engagement, services and products relating to the built environment, smart growth leads to communities that are vibrant, enjoyable, efficient, sustainable, environmentally superior, affordable, diverse, accessible, and economically stable. Smart growth uses state-of-the art tools and technology to celebrate and honor the past, improve the human experience in the built environment, protect the natural environment, and manage future growth effectively.

How we help

Jabba Development Strategies provides consulting services to public, private and NGO sector clients as well as political campaigns and initiatives for smart growth-related efforts.

Jurisdictions and agencies

We help you develop and implement smart growth policies

We assist with policy develop-ment and community engage-
ment as you transition from traditional land use patterns to a smart growth community. 
Wondering if your project is related to smart growth?  Go to our Smart Growth Checklist Tab
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We help you prepare your smart growth legislation or policies

We assist with research and drafting key elements for proposed smart growth legislation at the local and state level.

Candidates, ballot measures and initiatives

Need help communicating the smart growth elements of your campaign?

We assist with communication, fundraising and outreach for candidates, ballot measures or initiatives dedicated to a smart growth agenda or cause.